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Upholding standards by General Pharmaceutical Council

The GPhC is responsible not only for standards of practice but also for ensuring that those standards are met and for enforcing certain legislation relating to medicines, such as parts of the Medicines Act 1968.

In order to uphold standards, the GPhC will:

  • ensure that GPhC Inspectors visit registered pharmacies to monitor and secure compliance with the standards,
  • investigates complaints about registrants and issue advice and guidance where appropriate, and
  • if a registrant’s fitness to practise is impaired, restrict or remove their ability to practise.

Usually, the GPhC investigates complaints where a registrant’s fitness to practise is called into question, for example because they are unable to demonstrate appropriate skills and knowledge or because their character and health are not sufficient to enable them to do their job safely and effectively.

The GPhC also deals with complaints involving registered pharmacy premises where there are concerns about safe and effective pharmacy practice.