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HCPC Interim Orders

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We have an excellent track record in defending HCPC registrants in HCPC Interim Orders Hearings. The purpose of a HCPC Interim Orders Hearing is to consider if a practitioner should have their registration suspended or be made subject to conditions, pending an outcome of the HCPC investigation. We understand the importance to you of being able to continue to work during the investigation process. We will rigorously defend you before a HCPC Interim Orders Panel, whilst at the same time protecting your interests in the HCPC investigation.

A Panel’s powers at an HCPC Interim Orders Hearing

An HCPC Interim Orders Panel can make the following orders:

• It can make no order;
• It can impose conditions on a practitioner’s registration;
• It can suspend the practitioner’s registration.

Reviewing an HCPC Interim Orders decision

If an HCPC Interim Orders Panel makes an interim suspension order, or an interim order of conditions, the order must be reviewed regularly. If the HCPC wish the interim order to last longer than 18 months, they have to apply to the High Court for permission for this.

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If you have been referred to a HCPC Interim Orders Panel, you should contact the MedicAssistanceScheme, today, without obligation, for expert advice and representation. We can make submissions on your behalf, whilst safeguarding your position in respect of the substantive allegation faced.

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