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HCPC Appeals

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An HCPC registrant has 28 days to submit HCPC appeals to the High Court. However, HCPC appeals are risky. The registrant is exposed to the risk of paying the HCPC’s costs if their appeal is unsuccessful.

We can provide realistic advice about the likelihood of success of HCPC appeals at the outset. Where appropriate we can lodge your appeal and provide you with expert legal representation in the High Court, to give you the best prospect of success.

Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (formerly the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence) oversees all the healthcare regulators, including the HCPC. They review all final fitness to practise decisions. They lodge HCPC appeals if they consider the outcome to be too lenient or to have insufficiently protected the public.

We can help you with HCPC Appeals

If you are considering lodging an HCPC appeal, or you learn that the Professional Standards Authority are appealing, please contact the MedicAssistanceScheme today for independent, expert legal advice and representation.

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