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GPhC Interim Orders Hearings

GPhC interim orders hearings

During an investigation into a pharmacist’s fitness to practise, the GPhC may decide to refer a registrant for a GPhC interim orders hearing. The purpose of this hearing is to perform a risk assessment regarding the registrant continuing to work as a pharmacist until the GPhC fitness to practise process has been completed.

A GPhC interim orders panel will decide if an interim order is necessary. After hearing oral representations from both parties, a panel can make no order, issue an interim suspension order or issue an interim conditions order.

GPhC interim orders will be reviewed at least every 6 months. However, if there has been a change in circumstances, a registrant can request that a GPhC Interim Orders Panel reviews their case earlier than scheduled.

The GPhC cannot impose an interim order against a pharmacist for more than 18 months without obtaining permission from the High Court. Our GPhC defence lawyers have experience of successfully persuading the High Court that it was disproportionate to allow the GPhC to continue with an interim order due to the delay by the GPhC in their investigation.

It is essential that an application for an interim order is vigorously defended. We understand how critical it is for you to continue to work whilst the GPhC investigation continues and so we will robustly represent you at any interim order hearing before the GPhC.

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We regularly represent pharmacists in GPhC interim orders hearings and have a successful track record. If you have been referred for a hearing, please contact the MedicAssistanceScheme today. We will give you expert advice about your situation and can provide you with excellent legal representation.

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