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GPhC Appeals

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There are certain decisions made by the GPhC that can be appealed to the GPhC Appeal Committee. A Notice of Appeal needs to be prepared and submitted to the Registrar within 28 days of the date of the decision being appealed.

The types of decisions that are appealable include:

• A refusal to enter a pharmacist or pharmacy technician to the Register;
• A refusal for restoration of a person’s entry to the Register, where the decision does not relate to a person’s fitness to practise;
• A refusal to renew an entry of a Registrant;
• Various decisions made by the Fitness to Practise Committee.

A Notice of Appeal needs to comply with the GPhC rules, which we can help you with.

At the GPhC Appeals Committee

The GPhC Appeals Committee will hear evidence from all parties and will then make their decision. Once their decision is made, the GPhC Appeals Committee will write to the person bringing the appeal, setting out their decision, the reasons for their decision and details of any further right of appeal.

Costs of GPhC appeals

The GPhC Appeals Committee will consider imposing costs orders against either party. Therefore, legal advice should be obtained before lodging a GPhC appeal.

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If you are considering lodging a GPhC appeal, or you have an appeal date pending, please contact the MedicAssistanceScheme today. We will provide you with independent and realistic legal advice regarding your appeal and prospects of success.

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