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GOC Restoration

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If an optometrist or dispensing optician has been removed from the register wishes to return to the register then they can apply for restoration to the register.

Optometrists or dispensing opticians may require restoration following a fitness to practise hearing or where they have taken a break from practising, for example, for maternity leave or a career break.


Applications must be made using the form obtainable from the GOC website. To apply, an optical professional must have gained at least 12 general CET points in the last 12 months. Optical professionals applying for restoration of a speciality, must have gained 12 general CET points and six speciality CET points in the last 12 months.

Restoration to the register is not an automatic process and an applicant will need to persuade the GOC that they meet the standards of knowledge and skills and that any reasons for their removal from the register have been addressed. It is, therefore, important to seek advice as to the completion of an application for restoration.

If you are seeking restoration to the register, then contact one of our specialist solicitors at the MedicAssistanceScheme who will advise you in relation to your application for restoration.

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