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GOC Appeals

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It is possible to appeal a decision of a Fitness to Practise Committee. A Notice of Appeal, together with Grounds of Appeal needs to be drafted and lodged with the High Court within 28 days of the decision.

In an appeal to the High Court, a registrant will be exposed to the risk of paying the GOC’s costs in the event that the appeal is unsuccessful. Therefore it is essential to obtain specialist legal advice prior to lodging an appeal.

A Fitness to Practise Committee’s decision will not take effect until either the appeal period expires or the appeal is determined. However, the Panel retains a right to refer a registrant to an Interim Orders Panel for an immediate order for suspension or for conditions to be imposed on a registrant’s registration.

If you are considering appealing a decision of a Fitness to Practise Committee, please contact a solicitor from the MedicAssistanceScheme as soon as possible to advise you.

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