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General Optical Council

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The General Optical Council (GOC) is the independent regulator for optical professionals in the UK. All optical professionals in the UK must be registered with the GOC and have a licence to practise.

The purpose of the GOC is to protect the public by ensuring that high standards of education, performance and conduct are maintained within the optical profession. The GOC publishes codes of conduct and registrants are expected to ensure that they are familiar with all relevant professional guidance.

The GOC has four main functions:

1 – Setting standards for optical education and training, performance and conduct;
2 – Approving qualifications leading to registration;
3 – Maintaining a register of individuals who are qualified and fit to practise, train or carry on business as optometrists and dispensing opticians; and
4 – Investigating and acting where a registrants’ fitness to practise, train or carry on business is impaired.

GOC Fitness to Practise

The GOC Investigation Committee will consider complaints about registrants and will decide whether a case should be referred to the GOC Fitness to Practise Committee.

The GOC will investigate issues relating to:

• Misconduct;
• Poor Performance;
• Convictions/Cautions;
• Health;
• Adverse decisions by other regulatory bodies.

Investigations may be instigated following complaints made by a patient, service user, employer, former employer or any other source. However the GOC also has powers to initiate its own investigation, even where no complaint has been made.

General Optical Council Legal Information

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