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GMC Revalidation

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GMC revalidation is now in full effect for all registered doctors in the UK.  It is essentially the process by which all licensed doctors must demonstrate that they remain up to date and that they continue to be fit to practise, to retain their General Medical Council registration. GMC revalidation will usually be required every 5 years.

Revalidation is based on a regular appraisal system, from the framework set out in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice. Doctors will be appraised each year. Their appraisal forms will be considered together with a portfolio of supporting information from the doctor. This is used as the basis for the GMC revalidation process. Once the GMC has received the recommendation, a series of checks will be carried out to ensure that the GMC does not have any other fitness to practise concerns, to complete the GMC revalidation process.

Our expert lawyers are up to date with the current GMC revalidation process and are equipped to provide advice on any related issues.

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