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GMC Registration

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All doctors practising medicine in the UK need GMC registration with a licence to practise. The GMC can grant provisional or full registration depending on a doctor’s experience. The MedicAssistanceScheme‘s expert solicitors help doctors with any registration issues that may arise.

GMC registration and fitness to practise declarations

When applying for GMC registration, doctors are asked to make various declarations regarding their fitness to practise. During the registration process, the General Medical Council will evaluate any declarations before making their decision. Our lawyers are experienced in advising and assisting doctors with registration applications. We can prepare written representations to be sent to the GMC, putting into context any declarations, to seek to persuade the Assistant Registrar why the doctor should still be granted GMC registration.

“In my case, I feel that the advice and assistance provided by Marie and her team made all the difference between a further rejection and being granted Full Registration. Marie very quickly understood the history behind previous applications and developed a plan of action…I’m convinced it was a major factor in me subsequently being awarded Full Registration.”

GMC registration and EC rights

When a doctor enquires about GMC registration in reliance on EC rights, the GMC will usually encourage a doctor to obtain independent legal advice about the subject. This is a highly specialist area of law, with few solicitors in the country being able to properly advise doctors, as it involves detailed knowledge of the GMC registration process combined with knowledge of EC law.

The MedicAssistanceScheme‘s specialist team regularly advises doctors about their prospects of obtaining GMC Registration based on their EC rights. We are experienced at preparing written representations to be sent to the GMC with a doctor’s application for GMC registration, explaining why the GMC should accept that a doctor benefits from EC rights and grant registration.

If I have EC rights am I guaranteed GMC registration?

No, having EC rights and being regarded as an ‘exempt’ person is only part of the GMC registration process. The GMC will also consider the appropriateness of a doctor’s primary medical qualification, their internship and if they are fit to practise medicine in the UK to the appropriate standard, before granting GMC registration.

When considering fitness to practise in GMC registration applications, the GMC will consider issues such as any gaps in doctor’s career, the GMC’s standard fitness to practise declarations, any previously failed attempts at PLAB, together with various other issues.

The experienced GMC lawyers at MedicAssistanceScheme won’t just advise a doctor about the prospects of the GMC accepting that they have EC rights, but will provide comprehensive advice on the doctor’s registration application. Our service includes checking the likely acceptability of the doctor’s primary medical qualification and internship, advising the doctor about their EC rights and identifying any further documentation required to demonstrate that they have those rights.

Our lawyers will advise on any foreseeable obstacles to you obtaining GMC registration and will tell you about any further steps you may take to improve your prospects of successfully obtaining GMC registration.

If you would like to enquire about our fixed fee GMC registration service for advising on EC Rights and your application for GMC registration, then please contact us and one of our solicitors will be happy to explain more about the service we offer.

GMC registration for International Medical Graduates (IMG)

This category includes UK nationals with overseas qualifications and those who qualified in and are a national of countries outside the UK, EEA or Switzerland, who have an acceptable primary medical qualification and who do not have EC Rights.

IMGs need to have passed an English Language test with ILETS with an average score of 7.5 as well as passing the PLAB tests before applying for GMC registration. However, even passing these tests is not a guarantee that your registration will be granted.

Our solicitors regularly advise doctors regarding their options for their best route to obtaining GMC registration and can help a doctor to respond appropriately to the GMC’s queries regarding their application for GMC registration.

GMC registration appeals panel

If your application for registration is refused, you may wish to appeal this decision to the GMC Registration Appeals Panel. The solicitors involved in the MedicAssistanceScheme can assess your case and advise you on the merits of such an appeal.

If you decide to proceed with your appeal we can fully represent you, which includes lodging your appeal, preparing the necessary appeal nudle and providing legal representation before the GMC Registration Appeal Panel.

Experienced advice and representation before the GMC Registration Appeals Panel will undoubtedly improve your prospects of successfully appealing and obtaining GMC registration.

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