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GCC Review Hearing

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If a Professional Conduct Committee has previously decided to impose a Conditions of Practice Order or a Suspension Order, they will usually arrange a Review Hearing to consider if the chiropractor is fit to resume practice before the expiry of the period of conditions or suspension.

At a Review Hearing, the chiropractor can (and in our view should) be legally represented to enable professional submissions to be made to the committee.

A committee at a Review Hearing will want to be satisfied that the chiropractor has fully appreciated the gravity of the breach, has maintained their skills and knowledge and that patients will not be placed at risk by resumption of practice. The committee will usually want to see positive evidence from the chiropractor.

A committee at a Review Hearing has the power to:

• Allow the practitioner to return back to unrestricted practice;
• Impose a further period of conditions;
• Impose an extended period of suspension.

Given what is at stake in a Review Hearing, a chiropractor should contact a lawyer from the MedicAssistanceScheme on a no obligation basis for expert advice and representation.

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