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GCC Appeals

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It is possible to appeal a decision of the Professional Conduct Committee. A chiropractor has 28 days to appeal to the High Court.

In an appeal to the High Court, a chiropractor will be exposed to the risk of paying the GCC’s costs in the event that an appeal is unsuccessful. Therefore it is essential to obtain specialist legal advice prior to lodging an appeal.

Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (formerly the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence which was often referred to as CHRE) oversees all healthcare regulators, including the GCC. They review all final fitness to practise decisions.

The Professional Standards Authority may appeal against a final fitness to practise decision if they consider that the Panel’s decision was too lenient in all the circumstances and if the decision has not sufficiently protected the public.

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If you are considering appealing a decision of a Professional Conduct Committee, or alternatively learn that the Professional Standards Authority are considering lodging an appeal, please contact a solicitor from the MedicAssistanceScheme as soon as possible to advise you.

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