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Here you will find a selection of guides intended to provide more detail about some of the issues covered in this web site and about which we can provide assistance.


  • Types of GMC registration explained (8/3/2019) – What different types of registration are available for doctors and what do they mean? We go through each type in this short guide.
  • Possible MPTS sanctions following a GMC investigation (5/2/2019) –  What sanctions are available to the MPTS following a GMC investigation? We look at the options open to them at each stage of a fitness to practise enquiry.
  • GMC Hearings at the MPTS (17/11/2018) – What happens if you are called to attend a hearing at the MPTS? We explain how to prepare for the hearing and what to do on the day itself.


  • NMC Hearings (25/4/2019) – There are several centres at which the NMC could hold your hearing. This guide goes through the location details for the most common venues and provides a brief overview of what to expect on the day of the hearing.
  • Possible NMC sanctions in a fitness to practise investigation (18/2/2019) – What sanctions can the NMC pose during and following a fitness to practise investigation? We examine the options available to them at each stage of the enquiry.