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GDC Lawyers

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The MedicAssistanceScheme’s dedicated GDC lawyers specialise in defending dentists and dental professionals in GDC fitness to practise hearings and investigations

GDC fitness to practise proceedings normally arise because of complaints or allegations made by members of the public, patients, and other dental professionals.

If you find yourself the subject of a GDC fitness to practise investigation, it could be that your conduct, criminal conviction/caution, health or clinical performance is under scrutiny. Our dental solicitors will defend you throughout the investigation to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

GDC Investigations

No matter what stage of the GDC investigation you find yourself in, the MedicAssistanceScheme can support you. We can advise you on how to approach the investigation and represent you before the GDC, defending you if you choose to deny the allegations made against you and presenting mitigation when appropriate.

Expert, Independent Dentist Lawyers

We are not associated with any dental defence organisations. We pride ourselves on representing dentists whose union will not represent them (if, for example, the investigation concerns the practitioner’s private life).

Our service is professional and discreet, with complete confidentiality assured from start to finish. From your first consultation with us, to the end of your case, we will give you independent expert legal advice and will robustly defend you before the GDC.

Our services include defending dental professionals who find themselves the subject of criminal investigations. Our defence solicitors are highly experienced and fully qualified to represent you in the face of a police investigation, or if you need to appear in court. We also understand the implications that such an investigation could have for your career, and so we will advise you in that regard as well.

Transparent Service

You will always know what you are getting from a MedicAssistanceScheme lawyer. You can phone us at any time for an initial consultation, which is completely free, using the number in the top left. The aim of this consultation is to help you to understand more about your situation and how we can help you and there are no strings attached. You can also start the convesation with us by filling out the form to the right. This will help inform us of your situation and start the process of determining how we can best help you.

If you decide to proceed further with our help, we are completely transparent about our fees. We normally charge an agreed fixed fee which we will advise you of from the beginning.

If you are being funded by a defence organisation we are happy to organise payment from them but, whatever your situation, you will never be confused as to your fees.

Next steps

If you find yourself involved in a GDC investigation, or you have related concerns, we are happy to talk to you. Contact us today to start the conversation, or find out more about the GDC in our Regulatory Bodies area.

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